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You can read a selection of testimonials provided by our clients below or visit our portfolio pages where each garden has a testimonial from the garden owner.

Whole Garden Design for Guildford Property.

"We chose Cherry Mills as our garden designer because our neighbours had used her services and given a good report of the process. We also liked the design of their garden. Cherry took time to understand what we liked about our garden and what we wanted to change. She suggested how we could improve the patios, steps and ramps so that it is easier to move around the garden. Her design took into account all the factors and she incorporated changes where we suggested them. When we were happy with the design, Cherry helped produced a tender package and sent this to a few possible landscapers. We chose a landscaper who Cherry had worked with before, including on our neighbour’s garden. Cherry produced detailed specifications for the landscaping and helped mark out the positions of certain key elements.

During the landscaping, Cherry visited regularly to ensure that the work was progressing in line with her design and tweaked the design where necessary as new information became available. Cherry had a meeting with us to decide which of our existing plants could be reused and to discuss what plants we did and did not like. The planting plan was interesting with themes running across the different areas but with variation. There will be interest all year.

We have been very pleased with the whole process and have found Cherry easy to work with and receptive to suggestions. We would recommend Cherry as a garden designer and project manager for landscaping."

Mr and Mrs J.C., Guildford, Surrey, 2023

Garden Design in Cranleigh, Surrey

"Just thought I would let you know that the garden is getting so many compliments, including from another professional landscaping company who were working next door and asked if they could come and have a look. Will pass on your contact details to anyone who asks for them, and thank you for creating such a lovely restful space for us. It was a pleasure to work with you."

Mr and Mrs J.K., Cranleigh, Surrey, 2022

Garden Design for New Country House and Gardens, Surrey

"We knew from the very start of our project that the landscape would play a critical role in the overall re-design of our property and was important to find the right balance between outdoor/indoor living, and connectivity of all garden areas in a way that they would be functioning equally well for entertaining, as well as offering relaxing and calm areas full of privacy. Cherry was undoubtably the best match for us, from our first meeting she listened to our ideas, took them onboard and enhanced them further creating a truly magnificent landscape design that fulfilled all our aspirations and more.

Although we had a clear idea of how we wanted the various garden areas to flow, the style and colours we liked [Arts & Crafts Gertrude Jekyll inspired], we soon realised that there were plenty more aspects that we had to take into account and it was in these areas where Cherry’s knowledge and expertise were incredibly helpful and shined through. Her extensive knowledge allowed for choosing an array of plants right for each area meeting all the challenges we faced with drainage, sunlight and acidity. Cherry created interesting combinations blending them skilfully into a tapestry of colour, scent and texture that would provide us with interest throughout the seasons. Cherry’s advice on bigger tree specimens and referring us to different nurseries depending the planting needs, added to the depth of the scheme we wanted to create. It is clear that it is not just her knowledge and experience, that make a difference. It is also the love Cherry puts in every one of her projects and taking pride in creating beautiful gardens for her clients no matter the budget, bringing out the extraordinary in every single of her schemes!

Expertise without knowing how to communicate, guide, liaise with the many different contractors and deal with challenges... will only take one as far. Every project will have problems and ours was no exception. Cherry’s communication skills even with the added challenge of being in different countries, played a critical part in the success of our partnership and the completion of the project. Having to run the project mostly from afar, we heavily relied on calls, video calls, emails and of course many visits. Little we knew that soon Covid lockdown restrictions would add even more strain. Although most parts were completed we had a few more areas to implement. Despite the additional challenges we faced in 2020, Cherry remained always on top of everything, missing no detail, dealing with chain supply delays and always suggesting alternative solutions where/when needed so that there would be no further delays for the completion of the works. Cherry was throughout this project our ears and eyes, she is the invisible hand behind [and in front] the scenes making sure things run smoothly. Thanks to her organisation, methodical skills, patience and laser eye to detail, her service is not just professional but inspirational. We were in awe how she painstakingly manages every little detail and more so, sees it through all the way to the end. All the suppliers and teams Cherry referred to us were skilled professionals that carried out each task promptly and at a high standard. We were so pleased with their services that we have continued with maintenance contracts as having taken part in planting the garden, they are in the best position to maintain it.

As our project is still evolving we are looking forward to seeing many more areas flourish under Cherry's watchful eye and very capable hands. We hope this to be the first of many great projects we get to cooperate. We recommend Cherry without any hesitation. With gratitude and heartfelt thanks "

Mr and Mrs N.K. Tilford, Surrey, 2021

Garden Design for Entertaining, Godalming Surrey

"Cherry has done wonders in transforming our garden and we are absolutely thrilled with the design. Her comprehensive questions and attention to detail at our first meetings meant that she completely understood what was important to us and our teenagers. This was essential in providing us with some exciting designs, from which to choose. We now have fabulous areas for our children, for relaxing and for cooking and entertaining our guests. The planting design is stunning, truly eye catching and is admired by everyone who visits our garden. "

Mr and Mrs R.S., Godalming, Surrey, 2021

Garden Design for New Build Property in Guildford, Surrey

"We self built our own Arts & Crafts style house in Guildford in a conservation zone. After first demolishing a 60’s house, we were left with a blank canvas, apart from a couple of protected trees in the front garden and a few existing shrubs that survived the builders’ onslaught. Although keen gardeners, we were not skilled at garden design. So with some research we found and met Cherry Mills. She listened to our ideas of what we wanted to see in our garden and met us with plans on and off site.
Our design brief to Cherry was to create a Gertrude Jekyll inspired garden that would complement an Arts & Crafts house, albeit a new build. We like a garden that we can relax and entertain in but also are happy to get involved in as a project and a hobby.
As self builders we had some of our own team for the hard landscaping, however, Cherry organised the supply of plants and professional team of landscape gardeners.
We would highly recommend Cherry Mills Garden design to anyone wanting a professional garden design service that can be tailor-made to your requirements. "

Mr and Mrs C.H. Guildford, Surrey, 2021

Front Garden Design in Guildford Surrey

"Cherry has given us a stunning garden and so much more. Working with Cherry was exactly what we needed. My husband and I had been wrestling with what to do with the garden for quite some time; it was ugly and under used. We were ready for a change but had no experience with gardening ourselves and so our attempts made it look even worse. Cherry had not only a wonderful eye for creating beautiful landscapes, she took a great deal of interest in determining our life-styles, how we wanted to use the garden- creating entertaining spaces and relaxing zones and kids zones. Her professional expertise was critical throughout the process. She gave us colour throughout the year, plants that love our type of soil and are low maintenance. We can not thank Cherry enough for all that she did for us. It was even better than we could have expected. I walk through the garden in the morning and evening and just feel all of life’s stresses melt away. "

Mr and Mrs R.C, Guildford, Surrey, 2020

Mediterranean Style Garden Design in Walton, Surrey

"The garden was an unremarkable 60’s/70’s garden that had a lot of mature specimens, a number of which had severely overgrown their original space in the garden and a as result the garden felt smaller than it should have done. There was little useable patio space on the multi-coloured “crazy paving” and until recently some old fashioned sliding patio doors. The net result was that even though the garden was south-west-facing, you never really wanted to go out into the garden and there was nowhere to “go out to...”

I had selected Cherry specifically because I had reviewed her portfolio and felt that in terms of her creative style, she had experience and a degree of empathy with the styling queue I was trying to use. The sourcing of various sample materials was a lengthy process with a number of fire rations but was essential to arrive at a combination of materials, colours and finishes that worked well together. Cherry sourced the fire pit, the bespoke pergola and led us to Weaver Green for the outdoor cushions...all elements of the final design which we are extremely pleased with.

It was tendered by Cherry and although we ended up going with the more expensive end of the spectrum, we were very happy with the attitude of the landscapers and the final build quality. There were challenges in the build phase ranging from appalling weather, supply chain issues for niche products such as the Australian “shade sail” and sourcing the fire pit from a manufacturer based in Vancouver. Cherry was always on hand when needed and willing to talk through how best to deal/ respond to some of the challenges that were outside our control.

We were fortunate enough to complete our garden just as the first COVID lockdown hit at the end of March. Considering the constraints of 2020, our garden has been a godsend and the transformation has been life changing. Cherry has successfully integrated elements of the French Mediterranean, elements of Versailles style formality and has been able to create a series of “living spaces” outside which absolutely draw you out into the garden and which make you feel as if you are “on holiday”. There is not a day that goes by where I do not get pleasure just from looking at or being out in the garden. It has changed my family’s experience of “living”...

I would not hesitate in highly recommending Cherry for anyone who is looking to undertake a transformation of their outdoor space and who is prepared to invest both their time and money necessary to achieve it."

Mr K.S., Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, 2020

Contemporary Family Garden Design in Cobham, Surrey

"From the beginning of our project Cherry expertly guided us through the process, being responsive, adapting to our changing needs and adding value at every stage. Our project involved extensive excavation and hard landscaping, which Cherry competently oversaw. When it came to the garden design and planting plan, her methodical approach and creative flair has created a space which has fulfilled every aspect of our brief, whilst exceeding our expectations as to what could be achieved. We have now spent a year watching the garden grow and develop and her clever planning has meant that we continually have different areas of interest within the garden, which is a pleasure to see."

Mr and Mrs D.G., Cobham, Surrey, 2020

Garden in Guildford, Surrey

"Before Cherry became involved in the redesign of our garden it lacked cohesion, was dull, with little planting of interest and needed consolidation. Cherry has been meticulous in her preparation, understanding and interpretation of the brief as well as plant selection. Throughout, Cherry has been generous with her time; her approach has been creative, professional and friendly. The standard of presentation of Cherry’s drawings has been excellent and we are delighted with the end result – a garden we want to spend time in!
In arranging construction of the garden Cherry introduced us to experienced and competent contractors to quote. By providing them with a very detailed brief Cherry ensured we would be confident of the scope of the work involved and she was a welcome objective support in the selection process. Cherry kept in contact with the contractors throughout so any unforeseen problems could be dealt with swiftly. The work was carried out to a very high standard by a skilled and professional team who we would thoroughly recommend.
We are delighted with the finished garden and have no hesitation in strongly recommending Cherry Mills Garden Design to other people."

Mr and Mrs D.P., Guildford, Surrey, 2020

Garden in Stoke D’Abernon, Cobham, Surrey

"Thank you once again for all of your help with the Garden. I know the site and the project presented a few challenges, but the result is fantastic and draws positive praise from all who see it.  Your vision and creativity, combined with your excellent range of specialist contactors and engineers, and methodical planning and implementation resulted in a truly outstanding result.  We particularly appreciated your personal support throughout the project and it was always a pleasure to work with you.  As I said, the resulting garden is outstanding and we look forward to enjoying it for many years to come."

Mr and Mrs S.F., Stoke D’Abernon, Surrey, 2019

Garden in Bramley, Surrey

"We had a long wish-list for a substantial garden redesign to achieve the impossible of blending a 200 year old coach-house block, a 100 year old quirky house with a set of requirements including a pond, multiple seating areas, a herb garden, many new beds and so on while making everything look like it had been there for a century. Cherry's design including mirroring the sash windows, a major feature of the house, to create the herb garden, connecting the coach-house block with the house with brick planters, developing new seating areas, a pond that reflects the mature trees and a range of new beds. Cherry was flexible and responsive as the design developed, and always prompt, helpful and understanding as our ideas evolved. We are delighted with the new garden that looks like it's always been there and meant to be there."

Mr and Mrs P.M., Bramley, Surrey, 2019

Garden in Peaslake, Surrey

"Very professional with good ideas and plans and we are very pleased with the end result. Cherry has a great knowledge of plants and planting schemes."

Mr and Mrs R.L., Peaslake, Surrey, 2018

Garden in Milford, Surrey

"Just wanted to thank you for the fabulous work you have done on our front garden. You have completely taken on board our ideas, guiding us when necessary, and have more than delivered - we are absolutely delighted! Thank you so much for your patience, help and expertise."

Mrs S.H., Milford, Surrey, 2018

Garden in Elstead, Surrey

"Cherry was fantastic at guiding us through the design and planning process and has been very accessible for follow-up advice since the project. She designed a sympathetic but up-to-date area to allow a functional and attractive space between our period property's modern extension and the main garden. We look forward to using her expertise again in the future."

Mrs K.W., Elstead, Surrey 2017

Front Garden in Thursley, Surrey

"I have been meaning to write to you for some time, just to let you know that your garden design for the front of the house has looked particularly lovely all summer. I particularly like the fact that the front door links to the back door through the walk-way, as quite often I come out and realise I have left something in the kitchen! Lots of people have commented on it, and I have always passed on your name to them. The house is looking much better now we have completed the driveway and finished painting. We have pretty much finished what we want to do here now, but I am sure once we get going on the new project I will be contacting you for ideas."

Mrs L.W, Thursley, Surrey 2015

Small Garden in Guildford, Surrey

"I was very happy with the outcome of the design and planting in my garden, the colours and balance worked well and Cherry interpreted my requests during the design planning very successfully."

J. B., Guildford,, Surrey 2010

Swimming Pool Garden in Farnham, Surrey

"My garden had remained much the same as when the house was first built in 1879. The structural elements were all crumbling. The plants were past their best and the levels were all over the place. We called in Cherry to sort out the mess with an open brief. After carrying out the survey she produced two designs which she developed following much friendly consultation with ourselves. After finalising Cherry went out to tender and after discussion with us, settled on a contractor. The contract was then managed by Cherry which included construction of walls to re-organise the levels, importation of soil, choosing and installing trellis, a summerhouse, a pergola, water feature, and external lighting. Her choice of plants was awe inspiring and she personally supervised the planting of each item. The lawns were replanted, the patios re-laid the barbecue built and we were able to take our first look at the finished work. I remember that first morning looking from our bedroom window to see the most breathtaking work of art.. My new garden. Thank you Cherry Mills for your professionalism and, design but most of all for producing a beautiful finished product with no stress to ourselves.

Mr and Mrs T, Shackleford, Surrey

Plant lovers Garden in Godalming, Surrey

"Cherry, I have been meaning to email you. I just wanted to say what pleasure the garden has brought these last few days - it really is lovely and I keep wandering round in bewilderment, as does Chris! Thank you so much for all you have done and the happiness you have brought."

Mrs J. C. Godalming, Surrey 2010

Front Garden in Surrey

"A quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying our garden. Your design compliments our home and your planting plan has been a source of constant enjoyment as the seasons have come and gone. You have forced me into becoming a real gardener; something for which I will always thank you!"

Mr and Mrs A., Surrey 2009

Relaxing Garden in Guildford, Surrey

"We have enjoyed the garden very much since you redesigned it . Over the years it had become very tired but now sets the house off beautifully; and is very much in keeping with the style and age of the property. It is easy to maintain; with all the bark and there is interest all the year round. We especially enjoy the water feature which is always admired and looks wonderful lit up at night."

Mr and Mrs M, Guildford, Surrey 2009

Family Garden in Guildford, Surrey

"I chose Cherry to undertake my garden design as I felt that she offered a unique blend of interior and garden design skills which would deliver the indoor / outdoor feel that we were looking for. I also felt that Cherry offered a good balance of structural and planting ideas. She really listened and understood our needs, for both for the children and ourselves which she encapsulated in the design. We have been thrilled with the result and it has increased the quality time that we spend outdoors. I would not hesitate to recommend Cherry."

Mrs C. B., Guildford, Surrey, 2008

Garden in Worplesdon, Surrey

"Cherry produced a wonderful design for our garden and arranged all the construction, planting and specialist work. Her knowledge of good contractors and suppliers along with her efficient organisation of the project ensured that the garden was built entirely to our satisfaction.Her excellent knowledge of plants has given us a lovely garden with year round interest. She provides a thorough professional service and I would highly recommend her."

J. M., Worplesdon, near Guildford, Surrey 2005