Guildford garden designed by Cherry Mills


The challenge was how to create a lovely garden when it was almost permanently shaded by trees, which couldn’t be removed because they had Tree Preservation Orders on them. This is a common problem for home-owners in towns and suburbs and our client in Godalming had been puzzling over this for some time before asking us to come up with a new garden design.

The solution was to ‘go with the flow’: maximise the use of any sunny areas; use shade tolerant plants everywhere else. The main seating area was relocated to a sunnier spot, new paths were laid throughout the garden and additional seating areas created. The garden’s acidic soil allowed us to introduce a large number of ericaceous woodland plants ‑ Camellias, Rhododendrons, Acers, and Pieris. A wide variety of shade tolerant herbaceous perennials such as Pulmonarias and Hostas were planted, as well as early flowering bulbs for year round colour.



“Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to making our garden look so lovely. I can’t wait until next Spring and the beginning of the new flowering season to see how it will all unfold.”

Mr and Mrs M.R., Godalming, Surrey