Weybridge garden designed by Cherry Mills


We were asked to create a large water feature in the lower part of this sloping 5 acre garden, which could be viewed from the house. A large number of Scots Pines had to be cleared to open up the views and rare, mature Camellias and Rhododendrons were transplanted to new positions with the help of specialist machinery.

The new layout included two ponds connected by a water fall and an island reached by custom made bridges. The gazebo and furniture on the island, along with the bridges were designed by us in a Gothic theme. The ponds were planted with a rich variety of marginal and deep-water plants, such as Water Lilies, Butomus umbellatus and Iris pseudacorus.

New and extended borders around the sloping lawn were planted up with a wide variety of new trees and shrubs to blend with existing mature planting. Mature trees were imported from Holland and lifted into position. Many new specimen shrubs were planted along the boundary to screen the garden from the adjacent golf course. The ponds are now are a haven for wildfowl.