Small Town Garden Design in Guildford Surrey

Multi Level Family Garden - Guildford, Surrey

My client, a professional cook, was extending her town centre house to create a large kitchen which would have folding doors opening onto the garden. My garden design needed to have a contemporary style and provide areas for entertaining, as well as retain space for the children to play in. Hardwood decking was chosen to run flush with the internal floor levels to create a sense of one large space extending from within the house out into the garden. Steps lead down from the deck to a sunbathing area and then again to a dining area and a secluded space for the family’s hot tub. Raised planters enclose the dining area, separate it from the children’s lawn, and are planted with a wide range of herbs. A specific space for the barbecue is included. A small pool with bubbling fountain jet provides a relaxing sound, which helps to mask the noise of the nearby road. Five contemporary square planters with topiary Bay trees add a finishing touch to the dining area.

Client's testimonial

I chose Cherry to undertake my garden design as I felt that she offered a unique blend of interior and garden design skills which would deliver the indoor / outdoor feel that we were looking for.  I also felt that Cherry offered a good balance of structural and planting ideas.  She really listened and understood our needs, for both for the children and ourselves which she encapsulated in the design.  We have been thrilled with the result and it has increased the quality time that we spend outdoors.  

I would not hesitate to recommend Cherry.


Mrs C. B., Guildford, 2008